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Asociación Abeiro


For animal protection.

Abeiro is an association for animal Protection, founded in October 2005 in Santiago de Compostela.

We do not have our own shelterbut we collaborate with a partnerwho has adult cats in a piling who picked up or pulled out of thekennel over the years. We feed thempay for veterinary care and look for adoptions.

We maintain a limited number of animals, because for economicreasons, for space and for the welfare of cats there can be nomore.

We also try to sterilize street cats, but for various time problems itis a difficult task.We also try to sterilize street cats, but for various time problems itis a difficult task.

The adoption rates are 50 euros cat and 100 dog. We do preseguimento and post-follow up. If you want to collaborate with us, the annual fee to become a member, or to sponsor one of our animals, is 30 euros. You can also make yourself a foster home, help us castrate the street cats and control the colonies, Facebook our page and our animals, donate good quality artwork to the flea markets we do, feed, sand, scrapers, toys and medicines for the animals of the hinca and of the foster homes, or make a punctual donation.

Donations are collected at Tienda Herbas (Rúa Pitelos 26, Santiago), where we also have a pocket. We also have Teaming. Our account number is ES4401280110210100041331.

Thanks for everything!

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