As you know, when you take a donation-card from establishments that are promoted in Escolma, collaborate with the projects of the charities given high on the platform.

The full amount of the purchase of the cards is allocated to these entities.

Any non-profit organization or association may opt to benefit from these grants You only have to contact us through the web.


The Clear Things

The total amount of the aid for social entities comes from the amount of the cards found in the establishments of Escolma.E

very so long, we collect the amount of the card's requisition, and it is entered directly into the entities account. Revenues are made equally, the same amount for each entity.

In this LINK you can see the account of the sale-collection-income of the donation-cards.


The beneficiaries

Currently, donations are allocated to these entities:

Association Centinelas

 Association Abeiro


The donations

A date of 01/06/2019 120c have been raised in donations